Sunday, 29th October 1944 (Postcard)

My Dear Mother & Father,

A few lines in reply to Dad's letter of 10th Sept which I received yesterday.  Very pleased to know all is well at home.  Jim & I are in excellent health and good spirits.  Today is a very wet, cold Sunday, but we manage to keep warm.

Les Knowles made two or three night visits last week, but was very quiet about it.  Rugby & Football is in full swing at the moment, but will soon be stopped by the snow.

Best love to you both & Dot.


On this day:

On the Western Front... On Beveland, the Canadian 2nd Division reaches Goes in the ongoing battle for the Scheldt by Canadian 1st Army. Inland, Breda falls to the Polish 1st Armored Division.

In the Philippines... On Leyte, elements of US 24th Corps capture Abuyag, south of Dulag, while Catmon Hill is cleared and the advance to Dagami continues. At sea, carrier groups under the command of Admiral Davison and Admiral Bogan conduct air strikes. In two days, they destroy almost 100 Japanese planes for a loss of 15 American aircraft. The carrier USS Intrepid is damaged by a Kamikaze attack.

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