Sunday, 5th November 1944

 My Dear Dorothy,

I am in luck this week,  having received 4 letters: 2 from you 6/8 & 24/9; 1 from Mum 6/9 and 1 from Bill 25/8.  After receiving yours of 24th Sept, I reckon I must be about up to date with mail, although I do believe there is mail up to 15th Oct in the camp.  It has to be hoped that you are receiving my mail just as well; I write very regularly, as I know you at home do.

Well we are all settling down to spend yet another German winter-and are they cold.  We have had plenty of rain lately and cold winds, but yesterday and today we had glorious sunshine.  Naturally we are all disappointed and a little glum after such an excellent summer, but after enduring four and a half years imprisonment I am sure that the next six or eight months will not be difficult for us.  I am afraid I do not know the Edwards you mentioned, who had been repatriated, but a C.S.M from Jim's regiment went home in September who knows me.  Be he left he very kindly promised either to call on you or to write to you, maybe by now you have met him or at least heard from him.  

Well, we have just been discussing you all for the past hour - Stan Davies from Magazine Road just dropped in, he has gone now and sends his best regards to you all.  I showed him your wedding group and he said how well Mum & Dad looked and how pretty you were. 

All my love to you, and Mum & Dad, regards to Ken.
Wishing you a Merry Xmas and a Very Happy New Year.



On this day:
In the Philippines... Three groups of US Task Force 38 (Admiral McCain) strike Japanese targets on Luzon and in the nearby waters. American losses are listed as 25 planes and the aircraft carrier USS Lexington is badly damaged by Kamikaze attacks. The Japanese losses are estimated at about 400 planes, 1 cruiser sunk (by an American submarine) and another cruiser badly damaged and beached. 

In Greece... British forces land at Salonika.

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