Sunday, 22nd October 1944

My Dear Mother & Father,

It is two or three weeks since I last wrote.  I have been putting it off hoping to receive a letter from you, but so far none have arrived now for about five weeks.  

The weather is wet & cold and it is dark at 4pm.  We are all preparing to spend yet another continental winter in this camp, it will be my 5th Christmas here.  Still, it was a glorious summer in every respect, it definitely decided the ultimate result.  Providing food parcels continue to arrive, as they have done up to now, we need have no worries over the approaching winter, I have sufficient warm clothing.

The biggest winter problem is how to spend all this spare time.  In summer one can sit in the sun and read, but reading here in winter is difficult owing to bad light.  However, as far as I am concerned my time passes quite easily and comfortably at the camp school.  It seems very difficult to concentrate here, nearly everybody remarks about that.  Les Knowles has now become a regular visitor, have seen him face to face quite a few times now, he knows exactly where to find me, so worrying about what might happen is unnecessary.

Well save a Xmas pudding for my birthday, I should be with you by then.  Jim & I are both in the best of health and have promised ourselves to make up for this in a few months time.  Please remember me to the relations, etc and Bill + Anne.  
Love to you both and to Dorothy.
Your loving son,


On this day:

In Finland... Soviet forces of the 14th Army (part of Karelian Front) reach the Norwegian border.

On the Eastern Front... In Hungary, forces of the Soviet 2nd Ukrainian Front (Malinovski) reach Baja on the Danube, south of Budapest.

On the Western Front... Elements of Canadian 1st Army complete the capture of Breskens on the south bank of the Scheldt estuary. In southern Holland, the British 12th Corps (part of British 2nd Army) attacks toward Tilburg.

In Italy... Canadian troops of the British 8th Army capture Cervia.

In Liberated France... The administration of General de Gaulle is recognized as the de jure Provisional Government.

In the Philippines... On Leyte, US 10th and US 24th Corps both record advances. The US 7th Division, on the right flank, approach Abuyog. 

In North Borneo... The Japanese fleet assembled at Brunei sets sail for the Philippines with the intention of destroying the American invasion fleet. The Center Force (Admiral Kurita) includes 5 battleships (including Yamato and Musashi), 12 cruisers and 15 destroyers. The Southern Force (Admiral Nishimura) includes 2 battleships, 1 cruiser and 4 destroyers. It is to rendezvous with the 2nd Striking Force (Admiral Shima) from Japan.

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