Sunday, 28th November 1943 (Postcard) Sunday, 2nd January 1944 (letter)

My Dear Mother & Father,

Dad's letter of 10th Oct to hand, very pleased to hear you are all well & receiving plenty of visitors.  I can just imagine the gathering with Mabel presiding!! 

Les Knowles has got himself very disliked - Jerry is more than annoyed about it.  Jim and I are both "in the pink".

Love to you both & Dorothy,

Your loving son, Arthur.

On this day:

In Italy... The British 8th Army launches an offensive across the Sangro River. The assault begins with an air and artillery bombardment. A new bridgehead is established and the 8th Indian Division penetrates as far as Mozzogrogna. The defending German 65th Division is badly shaken by the offensive but German reserves have assembled behind it.

On the Eastern Front... Soviet forces make significant gains northwest of Gomel, near Zhlobin. To the south, German forces are threatening the Soviet hold on Korosten.

In Iran... The Teheran Conference begins. Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin and their staffs meet for the first time. The Americans appear to be attempting to distance themselves from the British during the discussions.

My Dear Mother & Father,

A few lines to let you know that Jim & I are in the very best of health & spiritis, and sincerely hope the same can be said for you and Dorothy.  

The New Year has started here very cold & wintery, for the past two days it has been blowing almost a blizzard, the wind has stopped now though.  Owing to the shortage of mail from you I am finding it a little difficult to make this letter sensible and interesting. The last letter I received was 2 weeks ago dated 25th November, therefore letters written by you during the first 3 weeks of November can't be far away.  

Very pleased to hear the old football team did well last year, I can see them entering the final in the spring - and won't there be a noise!  I see Alex is now captain of the Southern League, a slow but sure team. We have some footballers here who were actively playing a couple of months ago, after hearing what they say, the old team is bound to win the final.

Please give my regards to Bill and Anne, I should be an Uncle when you read this.  Best wishes also to Ken.
I hope by next weekend to have heard from you.

Love to you both and Dorothy.

(The old team appears to reference to the Allies. Southern League and Alex referring to General Harold Alexander and 15th Army Group part of the Allied invasion of Italy ("We have some footballers here......" referring to recently captured troops).  

In New Guinea... US Task Force 38 (Admiral Barbey) lands 2400 troops of the 126th Regiment (General Martin) of the 32nd Division at Saidor. Both the airfield and the harbor are secured. An Allied cruiser and destroyer force, led by Admiral Crutchley, provides cover for the landing. To the east, Australian forces advance to Sialum.
On the Eastern Front... Soviet forces capture Radovel, west of Korosten, just 18 miles from the 1939 Polish border.
In the Bismark Archipelago... On New Britain, the American 7th Marine Regiment launches attacks to expand its beachhead near Cape Gloucester but fails to meet its objectives.

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