Sunday 9th January 1944

My Dear Dorothy,

I received four letters yesterday: 1 from Aunt Em dated 6th Nov; 1 from Dad dated 31st Nov; and 2 from you dated 13th Nov & 5th Dec.  It makes me very happy to learn you are all so well & cheerful at home.  I think in these days we can regard ourselves as a lucky and fortunate family, we shall all be able to re-unite (poor Aunt Nell excepted) just like the old days; and who knows, maybe with one or two little additions?  Now don't blush! No, I don't expect you are. 

According to what one hears Ken is in for a very busy time shortly, especially if he is stationed at home.   Uncle Joe is doing very well indeed; I hear very heartening reports about Les Knowles's firm, they must be working overtime, they are here brushing up.

Dad tells me of the repatriated prisoners who arrived home; have you spoken with any of them?  I very much doubt if any of them knew me.  Although 3 chaps who were with me on this working party were repatriated, but they live in Scotland.  One hears talk of an exchange but I don't place much faith in it.  

Please thank Aunt Em (I will write to her next week) and Dad for their letters, and give my kind regards and best wishes to Bill & Anne.  Burt and I are in perfect health and the best of spirits.
All my love to you Dot, and Mum & Dad.

Your loving brother,

On this day:

In Burma... Allied forces overrun Maungdaw on the Arakan front.

In the Solomon Islands... On Bougainville, American engineers complete a second airfield at Piva.

In Italy... Two divisions of the US 2nd Corps (part of 5th Army) attack Cervaro and Monte Trochio, to the east of Cassino.

On the Eastern Front... The Soviet 1st Ukrainian Front (Vatutin) captures Polonnoye, halfway between Berdichev and Rovno. To the south, the 2nd Ukrainian Front (Konev) captures Aleksandrovka.

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