Sunday 24th October 1943 (Postcard) & Sunday 31st October 1943

My Dear Mother & Father,

A few lines to let you know that yesterday I received your August parcel (my 12th) all correct, even down to the 5lbs of choc. and thanks very much for the chevrons.  I received a new suit of battledress a few weeks ago and this week I am to receive a new greatcoat, so the chevrons couldn't have come at a better time.


My Dear Mother & Father,

Three letters to acknowledge this week 25th, 26th and Dot's of 29th August.  I am very pleased to hear all is well.  Jim and I are "in the pink".  We said goodbye to 2000 wounded last week and I expect by now they are once again in dear old England.  The best of luck to them poor chaps, they certainly deserve it.
My wound, of course, is practically unnoticeable and therefore I do not expect to be sent home because of it.

Dorothy tells me in her letter that Dad has got a **** (cannot make out the word).  I do feel sorry for him sometimes, left alone with two women in the house, he should change places with me for a while, I haven't heard the proverbial nagging tongue of women for 3½ years, but I assure you it is no blessing.  

Bill hasn't written for sometime now but I expect he has made up for lost time now he has recovered from his illness.  My stomach is in perfect condition.
Well I must soon be wishing you Xmas greetings again - yes the fourth one in Germany.  Incidentally snow fell some days ago for a few hours, it has since disappeared for a while.  

My love to you both & Dot, regards to Bill and Ann. 


On this day:

In the Bismark Archipelago... Allied aircraft raid Rabaul, New Britain Island, for a second time in two days. One Japanese destroyer and five merchant ships have been sunk in the raids.

In Italy... Elements of the US 5th Army capture Sant'Angelo.

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