Sunday, 17th October 1943

My Dear Dorothy,

This morning I received your wedding-photographs.  You all look splendid.  But you especially, take the praise, you look truly wonderful.  How I wish I could have been there.  You look really charming.  Ken certainly knows how to "pick 'em"!  Both Ken and his people look very pleasant & homely.  Is that his little sister in front?  She is very pretty.  What pleases me most of all is how well & happy Mum & Dad look, although I know that practically all the time they were thinking of me, despite that however, they look really well & very happy.  Bill & Anne too look quite pleased & well settled down to matrimony. 

And now please settle and argument between Jim & I.  Who is the girl between Mum & Ann.  At first I was hopelessly puzzled, but after a long scrutiny it suddenly flashed through my mind that it may be Betty Evans.  I am right?  If so, she has changed considerably.

Well, I am very proud to have such a charming sister, and such happy and very healthy looking parents, long may they remain so.  Thanks for your letter of 3rd July.  And now goodbye for the present.

Love to you, Mum & Dad, your loving brother.


My Dear Mother & Father,

Two letters to acknowledge from you this week namely  9th July &15th August.  I also received a letter from Dot which I have acknowledged by the same post as this.  

However, I must repeat myself and say how well & happy you both look, that means a lot to me.  I am pleased to hear my photograph has arrived, and readily forgive the "insult" about the shadow on the lower part of my face; actually it is rather a good one, as far as moustaches go, but whether I leave it on for the great union remains to be seen!  Your remark re me getting thinner caused loud protests from Jim, he reckons that at the moment I would top the scales at 14 stone!!  What do you think of that?  

It gave Jim a great deal of amusement to hear about he & his wife my try for a daughter when he comes home.  Anyhow, he's told me to tell you it won't be his fault.  He said, "it just shows how they talk about us", meaning he & I.

The January parcel containing the hold-all & slippers has not yet arrived.

All my love,

On this day:

On the Eastern Front... Soviet forces breakthrough the German defenses around Kremenchug. Other Soviet forces cross the Dniepr south of Gomel and capture Loyev.
In New Guinea... The Japanese mount another air attack on Allied positions in Oro Bay and sustain heavy losses in aircraft and crew. The Japanese counteroffensive around Finschafen continues to be held by Australian forces.
In the Pacific... The last operational German auxiliary cruiser,Michel, is sunk by the American submarine Tarpon off the Japanese coast. The German raider has sunk 17 ships during its cruise.
In Italy... The advancing US 5th Army takes Liberi and Alvignano.

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