Sunday, 26th September 1943

My Dear Mother & Father,

A few lines written on a wet cold Sunday night, to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 25th July.  During the past few days I have also received 2 parcels of 200 Capstan cigs, owing to the fact there are no cards enclosed inside now I do not know who they are from, whether from you or Dorothy, anyhow thanks very much.  No! I will not forget the clothing coupon I owe you. 

How's this for memory?  Does Dad still remember I owe him 10/- which I borrowed from him on Sat 10th May 1940?  Funnily enough, I have never forgotten that. 

Incidentally, the censor took objection to you naming the place where Bill is convalescing, in your above letter.  Re: the strawberries, we read about them occasionally in books, this is the nearest we ever approach anything like that.  The same goes for carrots & onions.

Well, Jim and I are in the very best of health & spirits.  I hope you are all the same at home.  It's now 3 months to the last war Xmas.  Please remember me to friends, neighbours and cousins.


On this day:

In New Guinea... Japanese forces launch unsuccessful counterattacks against the Australian brigade around Finschafen.

In the Mediterranean... On the island of Corsica, Free French forces occupy Ghisonaccia airfield. The German garrison continues evacuating.

In Italy... The advance of the British 10th Corps (part of US 5th Army) advances without resistance. The German rearguard has withdrawn, because all German forces inland have successfully been pulled back. To the east, the 13th Corps (part of the British 8th Army) enters Canosa on the Ofanto River.

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