Sunday, 19th September 1943

My Dear Mother & Father,

Received your very welcome letter of 5th Aug the other day.  Fancy the doctor rescuing Uncle Benni almost from death's door - I think it is only a temporary recovery though, he will never be able to shake off that illness now.  Glad to hear good news of Uncle Joe - he must be a great worry to his competition, especially at a time like this.

Please thank Auntie Emily for her kindness in knitting the socks.  I have received no July letters from you yet, therefore when you talk about Bill convalescing, I am in the dark. Re the photo, I am afraid I must disappoint Mrs Simcox. The chap sitting in front of Jim is named Weight and the one in front of me Walker.  Therefore I don't think it can be her son.  We might have some more taken shortly.

We held a "Grand Variety Concert" last night, the whole show lasted 2¾ hours, and of course Sunday is a day of sport.  Two football matches were played during the day - England v Scotland and England v Dominions.  England won both matches, both were very exciting.

I am in the very best of health and spirits.  Regards from Jim. Love to you all.


On this day:

Over the Gilbert Islands... American land-based Liberator bombers attack the island of Tarawa.

On the Eastern Front... Northeast of Smolensk, Soviet forces capture Yartsevo and Dukovschina.

In Italy... A British 8th Army unit (5th Division) takes Auletta.

In Occupied Greece... At Cephalonia, the Italian "Acqui" Division resists German forces seeking to disarm it.

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