Postcards dated: Monday, Sunday 22nd August 1943 & 30th August 1943

My dear Mother & Father,

My intention was to write a letter to you, but yesterday I received 3 letters from A. Clough, so I have sent him the letter.  He is now (July) an officer-cadet in Bombay, in the best of health, sends his best regards and wishes to be remembered to you both.

Jim & I are on top of the world.

Your loving son A.

My dear Dorothy,

A few lines acknowledging receipt of mum's letter off 22nd June; hoping you are all well and informing you that Jim and myself are "in the pink".  We are enjoying very hot weather at the moment after 10 days of cold & rain.  

Glad to hear your wedding photos turned out well.

Your loving brother Arthur.

In late August 1943

On the Eastern Front... German forces begin to withdraw from Kharkov under pressure from Soviet forces. Field Marshal Manstein, commanding Army Group South, believes that holding out any longer would result in the encirclement and destruction of the defending German units.

In the Central Pacific... US forces occupy islands of the Ellice group, including Nukufetau and Namumea. There is no Japanese opposition. Work begins on constructing airfields.

On the Eastern Front... The Soviets announce the capture of Sokolovsky and Yelna, on the approach to Smolensk. In the south, Taganrog is captured by Soviet forces.

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