Sunday, 15th August 1943

My Dear Mother & Father,

Thank you very much for your letter of 6th June, I also received one from Aunt Em by the same post.  
Yesterday I had a very pleasant surprise; I received a clothing parcel, but not my January one however, but the one dated 17th May, so I am afraid we must give up the January parcel as lost.  Rest assured though that I have sufficient of all necessaries , I am short of nothing.  Burt also received his May parcel yesterday.

IN answer to your letter re what type of work Burt & I are doing.  Owing to incredible luck, and certainly good fortune, we are administering a working-camp of over 200 men and a Red Cross parcel  (District) distributing centre.  Burt in charge and I as interpreter and his assistant.  Our billets are excellent.

Some of Les Knowles mates were over here last Friday afternoon.  (we now understand this is reference to RAF presence) 

According to your letters the people at home take a great interest in us poor unfortunates, what with film shows + garden-fetes!  We, however, fully appreciate all you are doing to relieve our plight and know quite well we will never be able to repay you for all this.

I still don't expect to be home for  ................................ (obliterated by censor date stamp) after.

My love to you both, & Dorothy from your loving son,

On this day:

On the Eastern Front... Karachev falls to elements of the Bryansk Front (Popov) after heavy fighting.

In Sicily... British forces enter Taormina. Further American amphibious operations on the north coast land after the Axis defenders have pulled back.

In New Guinea... Japanese aircraft attack the Allied air base at Tsili Tsili. 

In the Aleutian Islands... An invasion of Kiska Island commences. Three American battleships provide support for the landing of 34,000 US and Canadian troops. The Japanese evacuated the island by the end of July but the Americans failed to take note of it.

In the Solomon Islands... Elements of the US 25th Division (General McLure) occupy Vella Lavella. About 4500 troops land. Admiral Wilkinson, commanding Task Force 31, provides naval support.

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