Sunday, 25th July 1943

My dear Mother & Father,

At last summer weather has arrived and for the past few days we have enjoyed very warm sunny weather; in fact in more ways than one, everything in the garden is lovely.  Dad's letter of 30th May arrived the other day, with the exception of Uncles Jerry & Benni, all is well.

Of course I am eagerly awaiting the photos of Dot's wedding.  Burt & I are still here in (censored) together, he as camp Sgt-Major and I as interpreter and his assistant. Attached to our camp also is a Red Cross Distributing Centre in charge of a Regimental Sgt-Major, from there all parcels are distributed to this area which contains a large number of English working parties. You would be surprised at the amount of administrative work which has to be done on a party of this size, over 200 strong.  One of my most important jobs is accompanying those who are sick to the local hospital and explaining to the German doctor what is wrong.  Don't expect, however,  that I speak German like a native, far from it; I can, however, understand every written or spoken word and make myself understood.

And now I must close, tell the boys all the best.
All my love and wishes,
Your loving son,


On this day:

In Rome... Mussolini is summoned to meet with the King of Italy in the afternoon and relieved of his offices. He is arrest upon leaving the meeting. Marshal Badoglio is selected to form a new government.

In Sicily... American forces in north encounter heavy resistance to further advances. British and Canadian forces launch converging attacks on Agira, in the central region. Allied reinforcemtns, including the US 9th Division and Britsh 78th Divisions arrive from North Africa.

In the Solomon Islands... A new American offensive begins. The US 43rd and 37th Divisions are supplemented with the 25th Division. Some progress is made near Bartley Ridge.

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