Sunday, 11th July 1943

My Dear Dorothy,

And so you are married!
I received today your letter of 25th May  I am glad everything went off well and all had a good time.  If at any time I have any little fears or worries I will immediately confide in you.  Burt & I are very much looking forward to the photographs.

At long last the boys have kicked-off how long will it be before they are playing the "Cup Final"?  Needless to say we are praying for a quick but decisive win.

The weather for the last 4 weeks has been absolutely deplorable - a long succession of dull, faintly cold, rainy days, with very occasional bright intervals.

I am still waiting for my January parcel, I have almost given up hope because April parcels all now arriving.  Quite a few Merseyside boys are missing parcels also from January.  However I can quite honestly say that,. thanks to your foresight in previous parcels and to the brilliant endeavours of the British Red Cross Society (blessed organisation) I am short of nothing whatsoever.

And now I wish to you & Ken, and to Mum & Dad all my love & wishes,


On this day:

In Sicily... The British advance almost unopposed. Palazzolo is taken. On the coast, there is a halt late in the day at Priolo. The American forces encounter resistance in their advance. The German Panzer Division "Hermann Goring" strikes toward American held Gela from its positions around Caltagirone. Allied naval bombardment forces the German forces to retire.

On the Eastern Front... The battle of Kursk continues. The southern battlefield continues to be active.

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