No legible date (? Jul 1943)

My dear Mother & Father,

Two letters to acknowledge which I received this morning, 1 from you dated 2nd May & 1 from "Mrs Robson" dated 9 May.  I am very pleased to hear that everything is alright at home, with the exception of Aunt Nell's death, however if she suffered great pain her death is a relief more than a sad event.

I have just been rereading Dad's letter of last week in which he recounts how Ken so casually asked for permission to marry Dot, I bet their was sufficient silence for the proverbial pin to be heard!  We have given you some shocks haven't we?  What with me first of all going to sea, then joining the army; and Bill finishing with Levers and then chucking up a good job to join the Navy and last of all Dot produces the greatest surprise of all!  Unless marriage by proxy is permitted for Ps.O.W I am in the wrong position to give you any shocks for some time to come.  Though one day I will surprise you, I'll just casually knock on the door & wait for you to answer, I picture this little event at least at least two or three times a week.

And now I must close with wishes from Burt & I.  We are as usual "in the pink" with our thumbs up.


On this day, 4th July 1943

From London... After General Sikorski is killed in an airplane accident, Mikolajczyk becomes the prime minister of the Polish exile government based in London. General Kukiel is appointed Commander in Chief in place of Sikorski. The new commander of the Polish Home Army is Bor-Komorowski.
In the Solomon Islands... On New Georgia, US forces advancing from Zanana to Munda encounter heavy Japanese resistance. The Japanese land 1200 troops from 3 destroyers at Vila on Kolombangara.

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