Whit Monday, 14th June 1943

My Dear Dorothy,

Your letter of 25th April arrived the other day and it "lightened my darkness" a little concerning your marriage to Ken.  Up to now things have been a little bewildering & confusing but now have become much clearer.  Dad's letter of 12th April is also here and according to it neither he nor Mother see any objection, therefore I think any objection from me would be very presumptuous.  What would you say if I suddenly announced that I was to get married without first of all telling you a little about "she" and "showing a photograph"?  Who Ken is?  His age, surname or appearance I do not know.  However when your marriage photos arrive I will know a little more, but as you see I couldn't help but be cautious in my last few letters.
By the time this arrives you should have received my Wedding present and made good use of it.  I sincerely wish you & Ken (much more than scribbled words can convey) all the happiness and good health & fortune your hearts may desire.  Your house (second of course to 554) will be the first I shall visit, you will probably find me under your feet as Mum used to.
Well dear, once again love & happiness.

Your loving brother,

On this day:

In the Mediterranean... The Italian-held island of Lampione surrenders to the Allies.


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