3 Postcards from Kriegsgefangenlager (POW Camp)

Sunday, 30th May 1943

My dear Mother & Father,

The parcel I got last Monday consisted of 200 cigs from Dot which here represents 5 1/4 bars of choc.  I have received no letters from you this week, as a matter of a fact the mail is lately lagging rather behind, the letters we receive are now 6 weeks old instead of the usual 3 or 4.
Burt & I are in the pink and hope this card finds you the same.


Sunday, 6th June 1943

My dear Dorothy,

I haven't heard from you for sometime but according to latest information (Bill) you were married "sometime last month".  I will save my congrats until I hear from you yourself.  
I have 2 book parcels to collect tomorrow- I do not yet know who they are from.

Sunday, 6th June 1943

My dear mother & Father,

Only a few lines until next weekend when I will write a letter.  I have received no letters from you for over 2 weeks now but am not worried for there is a general slowing up of every bodies  mail.
I heard from Bill this morning and have just replied.
Love to you both and Dot.


During early June 1943

In the Mediterranean... The Italian island of Pantelleria is heavily bombarded by air and sea for several days.

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