Sunday, 5th September 1943

My Dear Dorothy,

No letters to answer from you this week, we expect some mail in the next few days.
Today has been warm & sunny but the hot days of summer are now passed and the nights are drawing in, it is now dark at 8.00pm.

Well! How are you finding married life?  When do you intend settling in your own home and where will that be may I ask? 

It is, of course, impossible for me in this position to make any plans regarding matrimony ; I intend, however, to waste no time when I eventually arrive home.  Of course I must first of all find a willing partner.  I wrote to my London girl friend some months ago now and told her, I thought it an embarrassment and obligation on her part to wait for my return; and told her just to forget we ever met.  After two or three rather miserable, tearful letters she has finally stopped writing.  I think I did the correct thing, we had only known each other since Dec ’40.

My love to you, Mum & Dad, regards to Ken. 

On this day.

In New Guinea... The US 503rd Parachute Regiment lands at Nadzab in the Markham Valley, to the rear of Lae. They link up with Australian forces from Tsili Tsili. The Australian 7th Division is to be flown in.

On the Eastern Front... Soviet offensives in the area of Bryansk and the Donets basin make progress. Artemovsk, in the south, Khutov and Mikhailovsky, farther north, are all captured.

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