Sunday, 6th September 1942

My Dear Dorothy,

Four letters to acknowledge and than you for this week, also the first record parcel and a book.  The dates of the letters were; from Bill 20/7 (please write and thank him, I have no spare letter cards at the moment), from Dad 2/8, from you 3/8 and from Mother 6/8, a very nice post bag don't you think?
The four gramophone records are "red hot" - 1. Reginald Foort playing a medley of "Smile Tunes", 2.Hutch (Hatch) playing and singing, "You're in my arms" and "That lovely weekend", 3. Two numbers, "Green Eyes" and "Bamborita" (?) and last but by no means least Tommy Dorsey and his band playing, "Do I worry?" and "I guess I'll have to dream the rest"; needless to say these last two tunes are now being whistled and sung all over the camp.

The book was called, "The Spirit of London" and contains 150 full page photographs of London scenes, of course the Guards appear four times.  These photos have revived many memories.

I hope Dad has now forgotten his stomach troubles, thank goodness mine has gone! I am glad Mother received my little present and that she is pleased with it, I wish I could do more.

Burt sends his very best regards and couples his thanks with mine for the cigarette parcels you are sending.
I am very well, we are having glorious weather.
Love to Mum & Dad,

On this day;

On the Eastern Front... Elements of German Army Group A capture Novorossiysk.

In North Africa... The fighting around Alam Halfa ends. The Germans have fought their way back to their original positions. German intelligence reports that the British 8th Army is scheduled to receive large reinforcements and supplies. Rommel begins to prepare an elaborate labrinyth of boob traps and minefields as well as barbed wire defenses.

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