Sunday, 13th September 1942

My dear Dorothy,

I can't remember if I wrote to you last week or Mother & Father, however, as I have received two letters from you this week (dated 28/7 and 18/8) I address these few lines to you.
While I have space please write-or ask Mum- to Aunts Em and Emily and thank them for their letters, at the same time explain as soon as I get a spare card I will answer.

Burt and I had a good laugh when we read about the "Twenty big black bulls charging".  What did they turn out to be? Calves?  Yes, I heard about Owen & Nell "superintending" the birth of Charlie's first - certainly in capable hands!  

The weather has now broken, it has become rainy and a little chilly in the evenings, we will soon have winter here, and what winters.  April and May clothing parcels are now arriving so I am looking forward to receiving my April parcel very shortly.  Well do you think I will be with you this time next year?  I certainly hope so, three years of this is quite sufficient, it's surprising what one can put up though. 

Burt sends his kind regards. Until next week all my love to you, Mum & Dad.  I am very well and hope you are all the same.


On this day:

A vehicle used by the  Long Range Desert GroupIn North Africa... The airfields at Benghazi and Barce are attacked by British units of the Long Range Desert Group. The British also attempt an amphibious landing at Tobruk, it is repelled with heavy losses.

In the Solomon Islands... On Guadalcanal, the Japanese attacks intensify. The American forces hold them off with difficulty, aided by effective artillery support.

In the Arctic... Convoy PQ-18 leaves for Archangel. It is  provided with a large escort including a carrier, fares much better than the last convoy (in June). It loses 13 ships in the course of the voyage (September 12-18), but the Germans will lose 20 planes and 2 U-boats.

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