Sunday, 30th August 1942

My dear Mother & Father,

Your letters of 20 & 28 July arrived yesterday, I am pleased to hear you are receiving plenty of my letters and that you are all well, I am very well and for the past weeks the sun has shone everyday, consequently I am as brown as a berry. And now for a few answers to your letters.  

I have just been told there is a book parcel for me to collect tomorrow.
Norman has written and I have answered,
Please thank Aunts Mabel and Emily for their kind help in knitting the blanket.  
If it only costs 1/3 please send 200 cigs, they are very valuable indeed.

Did Bill manage his leave?  I hope he had a good time.
You always seem to put just the things I require in my parcels and judging from your list of contents in the parcel you sent in July it comes right up to the mark.  Please don't send me any more clothing (socks excepted), I have a considerable amount now. Just toilet requisites and chocolate, I could do with a shaving brush and another pair of slippers.

Congratulations to Charlie and Winnie.  Isn't Mrs S a terrible writer?  I am glad you are in touch with her.

I have much more to say, but that must wait till next week.  Regards from Burt,

All my love,

On this day;

n North Africa... Rommel runs into resistance. A final attack designed to clear the British from Egypt begins. However, British General Montgomery's preparations make a difference. The formations have been reconstituted, the intelligence concerning the Germans' position is better. Rommel begins the attack with his armored units, sending them through British minefields between Alam Nayil and Qaret el Himeimat. The defenses are better than expected and progress is slow. Although Rommel has been reinforced with the German 164th Division and some paratroop brigades, he is still short of supplies and has committed this attack on the promise of supplies to come.
In the Solomon Islands... At Guadalcanal, the American forces receive 18 more fighters and 12 dive bombers.

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