2 postcards, Sunday, 26th July 1942 and Sunday, 23rd August 1942

26th July 1942

Dear Mum & Dad,

A letter from you both this week dated 14 June and 7 July resp.  On Friday I received my February parcel all present and correct, also a games parcel from the Mayor of Birkenhead, and tomorrow (Monday) I collect a cigarette parcel, I do not yet know who sent it.  As you see I can't grumble.

I am very well and hope these few lines find you and Dot the same. 


On this day,

In the Pacific... About 400 miles southeast of Fiji, the American aircraft carriers Wasp,Enterprise and Saratoga rendezvous with the invasion force for Guadalcanal. It is the most powerful force the US Navy has yet assembled in the Pacific.
In Berlin... In discussing oil exploration and resources, Hitler notes about the Soviets that "there is a lot we can learn from them."

23rd August 1942

Dear Dorothy,

First of all apologies for this scribble, but whilst playing a game yesterday I hurt my ankle and consequently I must rest in bed.  I have received your letter of 9th July, and mothers of 9 + 13 July.  Next week I will write a letter although I have not a great deal to say.  We are enjoying glorious weather.  Have I got the address right this week?

Love to all,

On this day,

On the Eastern Front... German Army Group B reaches the Volga controlling a five mile front between Rynak and Erzovka. Soviet resistance is heavy. Meanwhile in the Caucasus, German mountain troops reach the summit of Mount Elbus, but do not control the area. The mountain valleys and passes are heavily defended by locals reinforced by units of the Red Army.
In the Solomon Islands... . In an attempt to cover the ferrying of supplies to their forces at Guadalcanal, both the Japanese and the American send major warships.


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