Sunday, 19th July 1942

My Dear Mother & Father,

I have five letters to acknowledge this week dated 10, 21 & 28 June and two from Dot a/21&28 June. So, as you can see, the mail is well up to date this end. I write to you every Sunday and can't understand why such long intervals between my letters to you should happen, it is very rarely I miss a week; still as long as you eventually receive them all well and good, one must be thankful for small mercies here.

Fancy having to pay a price like that for pyjamas, of course I wouldn't have asked if I had dreamt they were anything like that.   My January parcel is still on the way I am afraid.  Seemingly there was a big hold-up of all parcels at Lisbon for the first 3 or 4 months of this year, food parcels as well as clothing were there and we felt the pinch, but now I am glad to say they are arriving once more.

Dorothy sounds very busy lately, she is certainly doing her bit, more than I had chance to do.  Please thank her for writing, I will write to her next week.

I came out of hospital 2 years today, my wound is now completely healed and gives no trouble.  

The garden should be looking very nice now, it has been rather rainy and cold these last few days, still roll on winter, I think it will be my last in this country.  

I am in the very best of health and spirits (Burt included)  and wish you, Dad and Dot, also Bill the same.


On this day:

On the Eastern Front... German Army Groups A and B make rapid progress. They have captured the towns of Kamensk and Voroshilovgrad and have reached the Don River as far east as Tsimlyansky.
From Germany... The final two U-boats left operating off of the American eastern seaboard are reassigned. They have had no successes due to improved convoy operations.

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