Tuesday, 1st July 1941

My dear Mother & Father,

Just a few lines hoping that you, Dot & Bill are all in the best of health as I am at the moment.

The sun has been shining gloriously lately but rain has fell this last couple of days.  Could you please include a pair of gym shoes in my next parcel.  I am very fit and healthy and have no worries.

Your loving son,


On this day;

On the Eastern Front... In the Baltics, units of the German Army Group North take Riga in Latvia while to the south other German troops are already well beyond the Dvina River, making for Ostrov. Farther south, to the east of Minsk the Berezina River has been crossed and the advance continues.
From London... General Auchinleck is appointed to command the British forces in the Middle East. General Wavell takes Auchinleck's old post as Commander in Chief in India. Churchill blames Wavell for the failure of the Battleaxe offensive. The British government also recognizes that the Commander in Chief, Middle East, has had substantial political responsibilities in addition to his military duties and to avoid the distraction this has caused in the past Oliver Lyttleton is appointed minister of state, resident in the Middle East.
In Syria... Troops from General Slim's 10th Indian Division move into northern Syria from Iraq.
In the North Atlantic... Aircraft from the United States Navy start antisubmarine patrols from bases in Newfoundland.


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