Saturday, 30th August 1941

My Dear Mother & Father,

My "fan mail" amounted to 9 letters this last week.  2 from you 16+30 June, 3 from Dot 1 + 31st May and 15 June.  1 from Aunt Em.  1 from my pal in my Bn and 2 from lady friends, it's fine to be receiving letters like this.  
We received 600 parcels yesterday so we are alright now until beginning November, I am having plums, damsons and custard for tea tonight.  

Thank you very much for the snap of you and Dad, I will write to Dorothy Mary next week and thank her for the photograph, she is very pretty.  Could you send me a couple of Bill, I hope you and Dot send some more of yourselves.  I wish it were possible to send one of myself.  You could then see for yourselves how well I am keeping.  Whose is the tie Dad is wearing, I somehow recognise it?  

Please send me two more towels when you can and a pair of gym shoes size 91/2, I am glad you are sending plenty of woollen stuff, I will need all of it.

I hope you are enjoying yourselves, it is marvellous weather here.

All my love,

On this day,

On the Eastern Front... Near the Leningrad, the German forces capture Mga, securing the last railroad link between Leningrad and the rest of the USSR.

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