3 Postcards from Kriegsgefangenlager (POW Camp)

Monday, 3rd November 1941

My Dear Mother + Father,

I must acknowledge receipt of 2 letters dated 8 + 30 Sept, books, "Man of Property" + "Cruises and Cargos", also your July parcel, which arrived all correct.  The vests make a great difference, snow is everywhere.  What can you buy Bill+Ann for me, upto 2 guineas?  Hoping you are like me "in the pink".


Sunday, 7th December 1941

My Dear Mother +Father,

Your letters of 13th + 6th Oct and Dorothy's of 13th arrived the other day, so pleased to hear you are all in good health, I couldn't be better.  Thanks for the POW news you heard at the entertainment, also about the Irish Guard band (ah memories!).
Your Xmas cards are here.
Your loving son,

Monday, 12th January 1942

Dear Dorothy,

Thanks so much for your letter of 2nd Nov.  Now when am I going to receive some more snaps, especially of you and Ken together- the eldest brother definitely has a right to demand information, so little sister confide in your big brother.
Remember me to all in (????).  All my love,

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