Monday, 2nd June 1941

My dear Mother & Father,

It is more than a month since I last wrote to you and have received since then 2 letters from Dot and 1 from you (dated 13/4/41, 20/04/41 &27/04/41). You might lock the kitchen one Sunday morning and stop Dad from getting down the garden path, it is a long time since he wrote, though I did note the excuse in your last letter saying, "He was going to drop you a line but Uncle Albert came &Uncle Tom & Aunty Em last Sunday".  Well, I will forgive him this time.  Please give my thanks to all those people who are calling on my behalf and sending me parcels, it is very kind of them.  While I am on the subject here are 3 books I would like."The First Hundred Thousand", "Carrying On After the First Hundred Thousand" & "The Last Million" all by Ian Hay.  

We received sufficient Red Cross Food Parcels last week to enable every man to receive one per week for the next 7 weeks, so we are very well off.   I had for breakfast this morning (Whit Monday), Egg (made from egg powder, Bacon, Beans and fried bread;  Tea:- Stewed fruit & custard, Bread & Jam; Supper:- Xmas Pudding with Treacle, Pancakes, "What a mixture!" I can hear you saying.

We have just spent a gloriously hot Whit weekend and are very sunburnt.  Now I must close, I hope Bill is in the very best of health, indeed all of you, I couldn't be better.  
My love to all,

On this day;
In North Africa... Vichy France grants the Axis powers the use of the port of Bizerta for unloading non-military supplies for their forces stationed in North Africa.

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