No visible date. April, 1941

My dear Mother and Father,  

Your letters are arriving here very quickly now, yours dated 30th March arrived here just before dinner today, one chap received one dated 5th April, isn't that fine?, just 3 weeks old.  A fortnight today, Easter Sunday, I received my 2nd parcel from you in which everything was present and correct.  I cannot thank you enough on paper for your goodness and kindness towards me, my one ambition now is to show you in every possible manner just how much I appreciate all that you have done for me.  A chap couldn't wish for a better mother and father.  I realise too that this must be a very worrying and anxious time for you but please, no worrying on my behalf, I am very strong mentally and physically, and quite capable of looking after myself.

For the last 7 months I have been English Commander (under a German Officer of course) and interpreter over a party of 80 men, so you see I have very much the same little worries and responsibilities  as I had in England, you would be surprised how many times during a week chaps come to me for advice on almost every subject under the sun, also when there is a strong argument and they can arrive at no decision one will say, "Ask the Sarg then", and my word is taken as final, we are quite a happy family.

I am in the very best of health and spirits, wishing you all the same,


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