Sunday, 16th March 1941

My dear Mother & Father,

Today is Sunday, I am writing this letter feeling very well off for I am in possession of a Red Cross parcel (my 3rd), have received this week of letters (3 from mother dated 8/10/40, 3/11/40 and Air Mail 26/1/41 and 2 from you Dad dated 11/4/40 and 5/1/41; 1 from Dorothy d/ 22/12/40 and 1 from Muriel dated 6/11/40); finally your parcel arrived yesterday correct in every detail.  Thank you very much you seemed to have thought of everything, it really couldn't have been better, and thanks for your Xmas card.

So sorry to hear that up to the 26 Jan you had not received my letters for 3 months, of course I expect by now everything is normal in that respect, I like you, write weekly.  Dad must thank and remember me to Joe Birket and George Davies and anybody else who asks after me, it is very kind of them.  Please thank Dorothy for her 'news bulletins', she would make a good news reporter. Next Friday is my birthday so the parcel came in good time.

It is beginning to get warmer now, we are having lovely sunny days and the scenery here is beautiful.  My health couldn't be better, I only hope that you both and Dorothy and Bill are the same, now no worrying over me, write often, send parcels whenever you can, all my love,


On this day;

In the North Atlantic... Kretschmer's U-99 and Schepke's U-100 are both sunk in a convoy battle. These sinkings, combined with the loss of Prien ten days previously, are a severe blow to the morale of the U-boat crews as well as a serious military loss because of their unusual ability. The sinking of U-100 is symbolic as being achieved with the aid of new radar equipment. Kretschmer is captured after his ship is sunk.
In East Africa... A small British force arriving by sea from Aden in two light cruisers, two destroyers and seven other vessels lands and captures the port of Berbera. The capture takes only a little time and immediately afterward they begin to advance inland. There are alos British gains in the battle around Keren. The 5th Indian Division, which has been unable to advance on the first day, now takes the Dologorodoc position south of the Keren road. The next five days are dominated by Italian efforts to mount counterattacks.
In the Balkans... The Italian offensive is called off. In the past few days they have incurred 12,000 casualties and taken absolutely no ground. However, the Greeks have been compelled by the Italian offensive to do nothing to strengthen their forces which face the German threat elsewhere.

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