Sunday, 23rd February 1941

Dear Dorothy,

Last Tuesday afternoon, 18th February, I received your Christmas card which you posted on the 9th October, 1940, since then I have received nothing else, but I now have the satisfaction of knowing you have heard from me, and therefore there must be more letters on the way for me.  It is impossible for me to describe the feeling I got on recognising your handwriting, seeing something I once knew when everything was good, to have something I can keep before me all day, knowing that it has been at home with you, Mother and Father, it was almost like being home again. Never mind, as long as the day comes when once again the five of us will all be seated round the same table under the same roof, all as we used to be, then God will have been good.  I have no grumbles, we are being treated very fairly, are able to keep clean and tidy.  I am learning German very proficiently and at the moment am acting as interpretor for 80 men.  I have no intention to let this time slip away wasted.  All my love to you, Mother, Father and Bill.

On this day;

In Athens... The Greeks agree to accept a British force which at this stage is intended to be 100,000 men with suitable artillery and tank support. The Greeks are very reluctant to accept anything less since it would not be enough to fight the Germans off and would only encourage them to attack. The disposition of the British and Greek forces is also discussed. The British prefer a position along the line of the Aliakmon River but the Greeks are unwilling to give up the territory which this line does not cover. No final decision is made -- a serious omission in light of later events.

In East Africa... In Somaliland the main Italian forces defending the line of the Juba River have been defeated. General Cunningham's troops are now advancing very rapidly toward Mogadishu. There is a small Free French landing in Eritrea.

In Occupied Holland... The SS raid on the Jewish Quarter of Amsterdam is completed. About 400 Jews are arrested and deported to the concentration camp at Buchenwald in Germany.

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