Monday, 17th February 1941

My Dear Mother & Father,

Last Friday morning (14th) I met Bert Duffy on a railway station here and needless to say he had a great surprise at seeing me.  We were together about 20 mins, he is looking very fit so his mother and wife need not worry over his health.  He told me Harry was married so you must congratulate Harry for me, one day we will step off the bus together Magazine Road.  So until then have courage, keep your chin up.  It has been said in some letters from England that books can be sent through the Red Cross to prisoners of war, if this is possible could you please send me, "Forsythe Saga" by John Galsworthy and/or "Grapes of Wrath" by John Steinbeck, if these or any other books could be sent I would be very grateful.  Well I am still waiting for my first letter from you, please give Bill my address, I am dying to hear from him.  And now that's all for now, all my love to you both and Dorothy.  I am in the very best of health and wish you all the same, till we meet again, your loving son,


On this day,
In Sofia... Under German pressure Turkey and Bulgaria sign a friendship agreement by which Turkey accepts that the movement of German troops through Bulgaria is not an act of war. This more or less confirms that there is no possibility of Turkey being persuaded to ally with Britain.

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