Monday, 10th February, 1941 (Post Card)

Kriegsgefangenenlager (War Camp )

My Dear Mother & Father,

It is now nine months since I was at home and heard from you last, I must say it's been the most eventful and fastest nine months I have ever known.

Although I have heard nothing from you since that date as long as you are all in the pink I don't mind.  I am in the best of health and wish you the same.


In East Africa... The attacks of 4th Indian Division at Keren go on with renewed effort. The fighting is fierce over the next two days but Italian counterattacks prevent the Indian troops from making any gains. A long lull follows for the rest of the month while British commanders bring up more forces and supplies for the formal offensive which will be necessary to break the Italian positions.
From London... Churchill formally instructs Wavell to regard help for Greece as having a higher priority than exploiting the success in North Africa. He mentions the important effect on American opinion of being seen to fulfill promises to smaller nations. Colonel Bill Donovan has recently been on a tour of the Balkans on Roosevelt's behalf and is known to value the idea of fighting the Germans there. The British also hope to make a good impression on Turkey and perhaps even establish a Balkan coalition against Hitler.
Chronological WW2

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