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Letters from Stalag VIIIb eBook is being featured on Tuesday March 11th 2014 at eBookSoda, a new readers' site where they'll send you ebook recommendations tailored to your taste. www.ebooksoda.com.

2 more places to purchase the paperback.

The paperback book, Letters from Stalag VIIIb, is now available here and from through the Lamsdorf Remembered website here.  P&P is included in the price on our website.

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The paperback is ready!

The paperback version of Letters from StalagVIIIb is ready to purchase.
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Blog is now an eBook.

Great news, we've now published the blog as an eBook and in the New Year will be publishing the paperback.

Letters from StalagVIIIB

I hope Arthur would be pleased with what I've done, and am very happy that his letters will never be lost and his history will carry on.

If you do decide to buy and read the blog, please leave a review on Amazon so that others will have an idea about the book.


Kathy, Arthur's daughter.

Book of blog published tomorrow.

The book of this blog will be available on Amazon tomorrow we hope.  Here is a preview of the cover meanwhile.

Thank you Ryan of Love Your Covers for the brilliant design based on a Red Cross Parcel.