Sunday, 10th September 1944

My Dear Mother & Father,

My usual Sunday letter to you, hoping as always, that it finds you all in the best of health and spirits.  Maybe Dorothy is wondering why this letter isn't addressed to her, well I am waiting for a letter from her, I am almost sure to get one next week.

You might be please to hear I sat for the Royal Society of Arts Examination in German (Matric Standard, Preliminary) and much to my surprise, passed top of all other candidates with 87 marks out of a possible 100! Please note though, the exam was a preliminary only and no certificate is therefore awarded. However, as a result of this I am now eligible to enter for the Advanced Standard, which they expect to hold maybe this month.  

Very please Bill & Anne are temporarily settled down in their own apartments, it must be exceedingly difficult to hit if off with in-laws, particularly when a child appears on the scene.  

We have not seen Les Knowles for a week or two, they say he is terrifically busy elsewhere, and very effectively too by all accounts.  The weather has now turned somewhat cold and rainy after about 2 months glorious sunshine.  A cold wind was blowing this morning as a reminder, I presume, of what winter can be like; last winter though was extraordinarily mild.  But I hope, in company with thousands of others, to be sitting before a cosy fire in an armchair telling you all about it this coming winter.  

Jim & I are in the very best of health & high spirits.  
All my love to you both and Dorothy.

Your loving son,

On this day:

In Moscow... Finnish representatives sign an armistice agreement with the Soviet Union that provides for the restoration of the 1940 frontiers and reparations to be paid by Finland.

On the Eastern Front... The Soviet 1st Belorussian Front attacks German forces defending Praga, a suburb of Warsaw.

On the Western Front... Canadian elements of British 21st Army Group attack German-held positions near Zeebrugge. Troops of the US 1st Army (part of US 12th Army Group) enter Luxembourg. Along the English Channel coast, the battleship HMS Warspite and monitorErebus, shell Le Havre. General Eisenhower, commanding the AEF, accepts a proposal by Field Marshal Montgomery (commanding British 21st Army Group) to conduct a series of airborne assaults to capture bridges in Holland and allow a rapid advance to the Rhine River (Operation Market Garden).

In Italy... The US 2nd Corps (part of US 5th Army) attacks toward Futa and Il Giogo Passes to the north of Florence.

In the Philippines... Three groups of US Task Force 38, with 12 carriers, conduct air strikes on Japanese airfields on Mindanao Island.

In India... The Commission of Inquiry into the Fort Stikine disaster (April 14th) publishes its findings. Faulty loading of the ship, the captains negligence and uncoordinated emergency services are all noted as contributing factors.

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