Thursday, 7th September 1944

My Dear Mother & Father,

Wonders will never cease!  After a letterless interval I received 3 letters from you yesterday, namely 2 from you Mum dated 15th & 30th May and one from you Dad dated 25th July - yes July!  All through these long pauses I never really worry, I feel so confident that you are always in the best of health.  It is heartening though to get letters.

Yesterday we waved goodbye to another party of lucky chaps, who before you receive this, will once again be with you in dear old England.  They left with very mixed feelings, of course their hearts were bursting with joy at being liberated, but they seemed sorry at having to leave us behind.  It was particularly touching to watch two friends of over 4 years standing bravely saying cheerio to each other.  Anyhow, we know we shall soon be following.  I can know, only to well, imagine your feelings when you see these cheering chaps passing the house.  Please excuse their high spirits.  In these first days they are, without exception, the happiest men in this world.   Never mind, you shall soon be running up to that bus on the corner of Magazine Road to meet me, I've pictured that scene dozens of times. 

I see you have sent the 15th parcel, I wonder if I shall receive it!  According to my interpretation of your letters, relations between you and Mrs W.T.Evans are somewhat strained, I can assure you that will not be so with Mrs A.C.

All my love to you both & Dot.


On this day:

On the Western Front... In Belgium, forces of 21st and 12th Army Groups cross the Albert canal east of Antwerp. Elements of US 1st Army (part of US 12th Army Group) are approaching Liege.

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