Friday (Good Friday) 23rd April 1943

My dear Mother & Father,

2 letters to acknowledge this week, one from Dot dated 21/3 and one from Mum dated 24/3.  Glad to hear you received so much mail from me, 5 times within 4 days is quite a record, isn't it?  I am sorry to hear about the one letter per week per family, but war is war and so long as I hear from you regularly once per week I will have nothing to worry about.

We have just had a glorious sunny day today, I must start sunbathing in order to get a nice colour for coming home, but I don't think that will be until this time next year.  Well & herewith enclosed the promised photograph of Burt & myself, together with some of the other chaps of this party, taken outside the cookhouse.  The other chaps all belong to the Navy, except the fellow next to the big chap on the back row who comes from Liverpool and is our medical orderly.  I hope you will tell me if you think I have changed much - and in what way.  Of course I must have changed some way or other.  My moustache (now over 12 months old) is hardly noticeable.  Now you can see for yourself who to look out for at Lime Street station someday.

Burt & I all in perfect health and wish the same to you.


Today, 18th March 2012 is the 1st anniversary of Arthur's death.  He died 3 days short of his 95th birthday.
RIP Dad.


  1. What a wonderful blog. So glad you have made this book of this man's memories and life story.

  2. Thanks Carolina.
    All I am doing is typing up what was written by Dad, and it was him who wrote the book.
    It's nice though to get some feedback.