Undated, April 1942 (2nd undated letter)

My Dear Dorothy,

Five letters this week, after a long pause, 2 from Mum of 8 + 22 March, 1 from Dad of 7th March and 2 from you of 8 +29th March; also the 2 photos arrived okay.  Now you should know whom I mean by "my girl".

I am very pleased to hear Bill arrived home none the worse in health and that the marriage took place without a hitch.  He certainly wasted no time, well I don't blame him a bit, anyhow it's all over now and he is once again away from home, I thought he would have got more than 6 weeks leave.  Has he gone back to the same place? I let Burt read your letter of 29/3 discussing the wedding, when I told him who Ken was he couldn't get over it, he still thinks you a schoolgirl, of course I told him you were the boss now at 554. 

So you have a new job?  I'm glad you like it.  You have all jumped to the conclusion that I will be married as soon as I get home, this is not so.  We have never spoken about that, anyhow she is still too young, only 12 months older than you.  Although her letters are frequent and very affectionate it can be a case of absence makes the heart grow fonder; she is very beautiful.

"Grapes of Wrath" arrived the other day, many thanks.  I smoke a little so any cigarettes you care to send will be very welcome.  The weather is very changeable these days, cold intervals, wet and sunny intervals, we are all looking forward to sunny days now, continental winters are terrible.

I am in the very best of health and wish you, Mum and Dad the same.


During April 1942

In Burma... Mandalay is bombed heavily. The British continue to withdraw up the Irrawaddy Valley.

In the Philippines... After a short lull, the Japanese renew their attacks on the Bataan Peninsula, where an under equipped American and Philippino force has retreated to their final defensive positions. The attack begins with a lengthy bombardment of allies positions and they are forced to retreat again.

In Germany... The RAF drops the first two ton bombs on the city of  Essen.

In the Indian Ocean... The British Far East Fleet withdraws to the Persian Gulf from bases in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) in response to the superior Japanese forces operating in the area. Most of the Japanese forces are returning to the Pacific.

In the Philippines... About 12,000 Japanese land on Cebu. The small number of American defenders retreat inland.

In the Mediterranean... Malta's precarious position continues. German and Italian bombing continue. When the USS Waspaccompanied by HMS Renown, two cruisers and six destroyers attempt to deliver 47 desperately needed Spitfires to the island, thirty per cent of them are destroyed immediately after landing.

In the Southwest Pacific... Japanese carriers,ShokakuZuikaku and Shoho leave Truk for the Coral Sea to take part in Operation Mo, the invasion of Port Moresby.

In Burma... British forces destroy the bridge at Ava after retreating north of the Irrawaddy Valley.

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