Tuesday, 16th July 1940

I had just arrived in Lamsdorf .  I sent a Field Service postcard home. It says, in German.

I am a POW in German hands and am well.

On this day;
Germans prepare to invade England

From Berlin... Hitler issues his Directive 16. It begins, "I have decided to begin to prepare for, and if necessary to carry out, an invasion of England." It goes on to explain the importance of the air battles for the achievement of this aim. At this stage in the planning the German army's views are dominant. They wish the Channel crossing to take place on a wide front with landings all along the south coast of Britain. They envisage that the force to be employed will be at least 25 and perhaps 40 divisions. They hope that the crossing can be protected by the Luftwaffe and mines on its flanks. This is not a very realistic plan.

In Tokyo... Japanese Prime Minister Yonai resigns because of military pressure.


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