Friday, 27th September 1940

My dear Mother and Father,

Once again a few lines hoping you are both well, and Dorothy and Bill.  As I have said before, you have no need to worry over me, I am in the best of health and find the time passing very quickly, although I won't say quick enough.  Up to now I haven't heard a thing from you since I was home last Whit. 20 weeks today, but I live in hopes that one day your letters will arrive and put my worries at rest.  Please give my address to Harry Duffy and anybody else who would like to drop me a few lines, but I won't be able to do much answering.  When the letters from England do arrive, I won't be able to get enough so the more that write the better. Tell Dorothy I expect plenty of works scandal from her also about the latest pictures and songs.  You might give my regards to all the relations and tell Uncle Fred that I am looking forward to a few words with him when I come home again.

And now I must say good bye until the next time, now don't forget no worrying.

All my love, your loving son Arthur.

On this day;

Japan allied to Germany and Italy

In Berlin... Germany, Italy and Japan sign an agreement promising that each will declare war on any third party which joins the war against one of the three. It is stated that his agreement does not affect either Germany's or Japan's relations with the USSR. This treaty is known as the Tripartite Pact. All the signatories hope that the pact will deter the United States from joining the war in Europe or taking a more active line in the Far East.

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