Sunday, 7th January 1945

My Dear Mother & Father,

For a change I have something exceedingly interesting to write to you about this week.  Last Tuesday Jim & I saw our first "talkie" in over 4½ years!  It was entitled, "Life Begins for Andy Hardy", and starred Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland & Lewis Stone.  As a picture it was quite average - but as a sensation for us hermits it was simply stupendous.  It was shown in the camp theatre on a projector presented to us from, I believe, the YMCA.  We hope to see 2 new pictures per month.

Your letter dated 29th Oct I received yesterday.  I am very pleased to hear all is well at home. Both Reg Tomkins and Arthur Clough are both regular writers, they both appear to be quite content with life - I am sorry to hear that Arthur has lost a brother.

You won't realise how keen I am about becoming a shopkeeper - I hope, that after you have got over the first shock you will both be just as keen as I am.  On hearing of this Jim's only criticism was, "It isn't a job for a single man"; I told him that would soon me remedied.  At the moment I am discussing Building Societies with a solicitor. 

All my love to you both & Dorothy.
Your loving son,


On this day:

In Italy... There are some limited operations by British 8th Army to complete the Allied hold on the south bank of the Senio River. San Alberto is captured by British and Canadian troops. The wet weather and a lack of reinforcements and extra supplies prevents the Allied armies from launching any large scale offensives at this time.

On the Western Front... The attacks of the US 8th Corps of US 1st Army, along the line of the Ourthe west of Houffalize, record progress around Laroche. German attacks in Alsace also continue with some success south of Strasbourg in the area around Erstein.

On the Eastern Front... In Hungary, German forces capture Esztergom, some 25 miles northwest of Budapest in their attempt to relieve the German led garrison in the capital.

In London... Stalin, in response to Churchill, indicates that the Soviet timetable for a new offensive will be no later than the second half of January.

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