Thursday, 28th December 1944

Dear Dorothy,
Another Christmas has past and gone for me without the charming accompaniment of wine, women and song.  What a lot I have to make up for!  Our Xmas [holiday/meal?] was quiet for us this year, maybe because we had to to tighten our belts for some weeks before, but luckily parcels did arrive on the 20th and we all received half a parcel.  Usually we commence putting little things to oneside some weeks before, but this year we couldn't do that.  On the other hand, I think all of us expected to be with you again, but of course news was just the reverse.

School is taking up a lot of my time these days.  In two weeks time I sit for a preliminary examination in advanced German, and in four weeks time I am to take the Royal Society of Arts exam in advanced German.  IN February, I am going to start doing a little less German but more French with the addition of Bookkeeping.  The latter, of course, is in connection with my proposed future occupation mentioned in my letter of 10th inst.  I am very keen about this venture indeed, and do hope I can find an openiing somehwre.  I am not labouring under the illusion that it is an easy life and that one just has to stand behnd the counter and watch the money roll in!  On the contrary, I am prepared to work hard & long.  I am also aware that there are plenty of pitfalls for the beginner, but I am being put wise to a lot of things now.  I would like you to write to me as much as you can with ref. to the above.

Love to Mother & Dad & you,

Your loving brother,

On this day:
In Italy... The US 5th Army, fighting in the Serchio valley, has pulled back from the town of Barga in response to German counterattacks. 

On the Western Front... AEF Commander in Chief General Eisenhower meets with British 21st Army Group command Field Marshal Montgomery to coordinate the counteroffensive in the Ardennes.

Over Germany... About 1200 B-17 Flying Fortress bombers, escorted by 700 fighters, attacked Coblenz and other targets. Late in the day, Bomber Command bombs Cologne.

On the Eastern Front... In Hungary, Soviet forces report the capture of additional outlying areas near Budapest. 

In Athens... British Prime Minister Churchill agrees to recommend the establishment of a regency to the King of Greece. 
In the Philippines... Mindoro airfield becomes fully operational.

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