Sunday, 14th March 1943

My Dear Dorothy,

Your letter of 30th Jan to hand and I must say it was quite a shock to hear of you joining the WAAFS, now the war will soon be over.  Providing you look after yourself, I think you have done a very sensible thing, because working long hours in a factory (not to mention night shifts) is not very conducive to good health.  What particular branch have you joined?  Perhaps your next letters will tell me more.  Who knows, maybe in a few months time I will be writing to Srgt. Dorothy Evans.  The main thing is having a reasonable commander, pleasant companions and healthy billets- I wish you all of these.

I was very pleased to hear about Bill taking his chiefs course, I wish him the best of luck. Mother's 17th Jan letter is also here + yours 19th Jan.  I am very pleased to hear all is well at home.
Burt and I are in the 'pink'.

In conclusion Dot once again the best of luck to you in your new job, look after yourself,


On this day;

In the Atlantic... In a series of convoy battles over the next week (March 14-20), 21 ships of 140,800 tons are sunk from convoys SC-122 and HX-229. About 20 of 40 U-boats will make attacks and the convoy escorts will fail to sink a single German U-boat. The German intelligence service, B Dienst, has provided solid information on the routes of these two convoys.

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