Sunday, 7th February 1943

My Dear Mother & Father,

3 letters and one parcel to acknowledge and thank you for this week, I also received 200 cigs from Mrs. Simmonds.  The letters are yours of 27 Dec and one from Bill of 17 Nov.  A very successful post-bag.
Thank you very much for the parcel; needless to say I have a mouthful of chocolate now, beside the 3lb you put in, the Red Cross added a 1/2lb slab, maybe the packer knows me?  Are parcels are still being sent to us?  The route was interrupted in November I was wondering if it was open again.  Will you include short and pants in the next one and if possible a little more soap?  Although I know the soap must be difficult to get or you would have put more in the October parcel. Razor blades too are very scarce.  

Please write to RHQ and ask them for a cap badge and two regimental shoulder tabs (not I.G. but 'Irish Guards' written in full).  One of our chaps received these the other day.  As for everything else, I have quite sufficient.  

You will be very pleased to know that Burt & I are once again re-united. He is i/c this working party and I am 2nd i/c and interpreter, we are living very well.  We were talking about Dot last Friday (29th).  How old is she now 20 or 21? 

I am glad to hear you had a good Xmas and that Bill turned up.  Let us hope that the only absentee will be present next Xmas.  We are very happy here now.  Keep on digging it's almost in sight.  

Burt and I now wish you a continuation of good health to both you and Dot, I will write to Bill next week. 

Your loving son,


On this day;
n the Solomon Islands... On Guadalcanal the US 161st Regiment continues a cautious advance. The Japanese proceed with their evacuation.

On the Eastern Front... Soviet forces capture Azov at the mouth of the Don River. In the Ukraine they capture Kramatorsk, south of Slavyansk.

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