Sunday, 18th January 1942

Dear Bill,

Received from you last week 3 letters 8 & 27 Oct and 7 Sept, so pleased to hear you are so well.  Please remember me to Jarvis Whittaker and ask him to remember me to his brother Norman.

I wonder when you receive this if you are still single?  Or, perhaps henpecked!  Luckily when I get home I will have a married brother to go to for advice; and who knows perhaps a married sister!  

We are deep in winter's icy clutches here -25 (centigrade) below and snow everywhere.  I expect you would give anything for a little snow?  Are you busy at the moment?  I bet you are, I wish I was in your shoes; oh to have another go.

Yes I am, as you term it, doing a line with a London girl, but quite candidly I think it's a case of "absence makes the heart grow fonder" on both sides; although she is sensible and intelligent, her letters are very affectionate, time alone will tell.

To you Bill, and to Ann, I wish you all happiness, harmony and the very best of health for all time.  Write often, I am always delighted to hear from you.  

Your sincere brother,


On this day;

On the Eastern Front... Troops from the South and Southwest Front attack crossing the Donets. Their aim is to swing south to the Sea of Azov trapping units from the German 6th and 17th Armies. In the Crimea, Germans have renewed their offensive to capture Feodosia. Northward, in the Moscow region, the Valdai Hill Offensive continues, Red Army units have reached to within 70 miles of Smolensk and threat Velikiye Luki.

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